Traditional Kitchens

Style your new kitchen simply, elegantly, and with a classic flair. Traditional kitchens evoke different ideas for different people, but everyone can agree that they are kitchen designs that stand the test of time. They are warm and welcoming, inviting anyone in your home to come and unwind in the space. Family and guests alike will always feel comfortable in your traditional kitchen. 

Whether you’re designing an entirely traditional kitchen for your country home or rustic cottage or pairing the traditional design with more contemporary furnishings and appliances to manage a more modern feel, there are plenty of ways to make your new kitchen feel unique and like your own. 

Traditional kitchens focus on the small details and personalised character, using natural materials like wood and granite and less man-made materials like high gloss finishes. Cabinet finishes are usually neutral, occasionally daring to add a tinge of colour, but mostly playing with whites, creams, and browns to keep the design timeless. Traditional kitchens are also usually paired with natural flooring like dark hardwood or stained tile or acid washed concrete. 

Want to let more of your personality shine through the muted colours of these natural kitchen designs? Accent the walls with a bold or bright hue or use your kitchen furniture or other decor to make a colourful statement. You can update the shade as your preference changes or as trends dictate, but no matter what, your classic kitchen will still be in fashion. There’s a reason these kitchen styles are so popular!