A common question that occurs when it comes to design is “what is the difference between modern and contemporary? Aren’t they the same thing?” We are going to answer it once and for all!

Although they may be overlapping styles, modern and contemporary are actually two different styles. Allow us to explain:

Contemporary design is always changing its style. The design should re?ect the moment with the design and not the decorative.

Modern interior design refers to “mid century” or “most recent”. A modern design will be limited to the style of a certain time period. A contemporary design will be recognizable by whatever materials are popular right now. You will often find that contemporary designs are quite diverse in their style.

Contemporary designs will use elements of design from many different time periods. It can be a combination of retro furniture mixed with odd shapes. Contemporary designs will look amazing right now but in a few years’ time they will look extremely dated because contemporary styles are always changing.

A modern design will be recognized by its clean, straight lines and unadorned interior. Natural materials such as wood, leather and linen, as well as neutral, will be prominent features in modern interior design.

Whatever your preference, our design team can create the look you want. From contemporary style, with it’s wide windows and odd shapes to nice and neutral modern!