Large wide drawers are fast becoming the new “must have” in kitchen design! As you can see they not only hold a huge variety of items but also give you easy access to the contents too.

You can use to store crockery, pots and pans and normal everyday items too, tins, jars packets etc.
There are many advantages of drawers over conventional base units. Firstly from an aesthetic point of view they give the kitchen a completely different look and feel. As you can see from the pictures they add a very contemporary sleek look to the kitchen and make for a more pleasing modern looking kitchen. However for me the best feature is how much more practical they are versus a standard base unit.

Firstly they hold a massive 50 kg in weight which is 50 bags worth of sugar! As you can see they are extremely versatile too. But the best thing is that you can see exactly what’s in them as the whole drawer comes out to you giving you easy access to the contents. No more rummaging about down on your hands and knees in the backs of cupboards trying to nd things, and food stu going out of date, because you’ve forgotten it was there! You can see at a glance not only what you have but you can easily access it too.
They’re also a great boon for anyone who has trouble bending or has a sore back etc.
So all in all although wide drawers are more expensive than a standard base unit with doors the benefits are there for all to see. We even have a new range of 1200 mm wide drawers for even more flexible storage!
So remember to discuss the options of wide drawer storage when we design your new dream kitchen for you, you won’t regret it!