Creativity and functionality met in a recent project which saw Mr and Mrs Pollard’s vision come to life in a large, contemporary, open plan living space with kitchen and sociable area.

The kitchen is the heart of the home – where you cook, eat, catch up, entertain and much more.
At Homeworld, we encourage clients to fuse creativity with functionality when thinking about
their designs. The results become positive talking points for guests and, essentially, provide

The clients, Mr & Mrs Pollard from Milngavie, came to us with a vision. An open plan living space combined with a practical kitchen that opened out to the garden, with plenty of storage, generous work space and a must have island. Add a TV media area and a sociable space for informal dining and gatherings, and you have a fantastic kitchen – but was it doable? Of course it was!

For a project to reach its full potential, we get to know clients and their lifestyle in order to prioritise, manage and enhance their vision. With this in mind, to avoid a costly extension, our designer convinced the clients to remove internal walls allowing the project to incorporate the existing dining room which was very rarely used. This not only gave the kitchen the room that Mr & Mrs Pollard desired, but it has also made use of an unused area of the property into a feature.

“I started with my rst design option of removing the wall between the dining and kitchen area and putting French doors from the old dining room window out into the garden. This left me with a large space to meet the clients’ requirement. I then transferred this onto our CAD system to allow Mr & Mrs Pollard to visualise the proposed design.” Joe Weldon, Designer and Founder of Homeworld.

Upon seeing the proposal and a few slight adjustments, the clients were looking at their ideal kitchen, and excitement for the nal product started to kick in! Following completion, the kitchen met all the requirements and done so in a way that ultimately saved Mr and Mrs Pollard money.

“We have had a large family event and friends round for dinner. The design and storage all works so perfectly and we have had lots of compliments. I would like to thank Joe and all the sta for our wonderful kitchen, I love working in it” Mrs Pollard

This project in Milngavie is a great example of our close work with clients, which always results in a more personal service and results catered to their lifestyle. As always, it was a joy to see the looks of excitement on Mr and Mrs Pollard’s faces, and we wish them all the best in their new kitchen.

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