Save money and the environment using a dishwasher

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Using a dishwasher to wash your dirty plates and cutlery doesn’t use as much water as you might think – in fact, using a dishwasher can be a more water-efficient way of doing the dishes than hand washing. Dishwashers vs washing by hand Washing by hand may be quick and easy for a few dishes, but [...]

4 things you need to know when buying a fitted kitchen

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The kitchen really is the heart of the home. A typical family may only buy 2 or 3 in a lifetime yet a fitted kitchen has a huge impact on how you can enjoy your home, entertain and of course the value of your home. At Homeworld we have decades of experience in fitted kitchen [...]

Articad 3D Kitchen Design Software

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At Homeworld we use the latest computer aided 3D design technology to bring your kitchen or bathroom ideas to life. Here is a short video showing how we can easily change the colour of worksurface and kitchen doors allowing you to compare colour schemes at the click of a button. The video below is a short demonstration [...]

Contemporary open plan living space with kitchen

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Creativity and functionality met in a recent project which saw Mr and Mrs Pollard’s vision come to life in a large, contemporary, open plan living space with kitchen and sociable area. The kitchen is the heart of the home – where you cook, eat, catch up, entertain and much more. At Homeworld, we encourage clients to [...]

All you need to know about pyrolytic ovens

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Cleaning your oven is no-ones favourite chore. Wouldn’t it be great if you could have an oven that cleans itself? Well now you can! Pyrolytic ovens have been available since 1968 however since then the technology has improved dramatically making them more efficient, effective and affordable. Here’s all you need to know about pyrolytic ovens. What [...]

Things to consider when buying your new kitchen.

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Buying a new kitchen can be a very daunting task indeed! Where to go? Which style? How much do I need to spend? Which appliances? Which worktop, laminate or solid? Which type of sink? What type of flooring? Should I fit it myself or have it fitted professionally? There's a multitude of things to consider! For [...]

The Difference Between Modern and Contemporary

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A common question that occurs when it comes to design is “what is the difference between modern and contemporary? Aren’t they the same thing?” We are going to answer it once and for all! Although they may be overlapping styles, modern and contemporary are actually two different styles. Allow us to explain: Contemporary design is [...]

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