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Things to consider when buying your new kitchen.

2017-11-14T03:27:02+00:00Categories: Kitchens|

Buying a new kitchen can be a very daunting task indeed! Where to go? Which style? How much do I need to spend? Which appliances? Which worktop, laminate or solid? Which type of sink? What type of flooring? Should I fit it myself or have it fitted professionally? There's a multitude of things to consider! For [...]

The Difference Between Modern and Contemporary

2017-11-14T03:29:07+00:00Categories: Kitchens|

A common question that occurs when it comes to design is “what is the difference between modern and contemporary? Aren’t they the same thing?” We are going to answer it once and for all! Although they may be overlapping styles, modern and contemporary are actually two different styles. Allow us to explain: Contemporary design is [...]

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